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The Upper Limit


Upper Limit; Man, Man, Man what 

has become of you!?

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Rübenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Radio-  and Television-Stations

Worldwide /CO

Television Lottery and Lotteries


Germany, Luebeck, 2003, May Thursday 29th

Father Day/ CC

The German-language document you may find here!

My Dear Fellow Men,

I may expect from you that my monopoly position has in part spoken around over the boundaries. For this reason I would like to inform you a little more precisely about this monopoly position.

Not everybody else presumably will be able to interpret and judge rightly the actual seriousness of the situation and it may remain so for the time being, since a basis for a panic would only exist, if very decisive mistakes of the Authorities, that consist of three persons, would be made, by which we are at my persons monopoly position, it is the position of Empress. I declared this monopoly position clearly at my home town Luebeck in presence of witnesses from different cultures.

The seriousness of the situation will be not only managed by a corresponding service of mankind, yet the situation is no more to be held without aid of the colossally sphere, so that you and other people ought to be thankfully and may accept my better half.

To initiate rightly my monopoly position concerning to the situation for all together I would like to equalize my position correspondingly the seriousness that is behind the matter and commission, so that the task, which mankind is confronted with, together with its Authorities, will be realizable. To a big part one should also take care for law and order on a merry way, especially concerning your communication monopoly via TV.

In such a way I may request that your sent eroticism films will be disturbed by a TV witch, the quasi comes out of the TV device in order to serve mainly the corresponding chaps sitting in front of the TV devices. If these chaps should have taken potency means, fun will in that long move itself compulsorily, so that these people learn running in the case of emergency to want back to the mother's lap.

Too, the videos and motion picture films as well as the Internet and DVD should be already come into a monopoly position however I must come up with something amusing for you and other ones. At the horror films, force films, and imagination films like for example the film ES and further shock films I would like to reply with a corresponding shock in the place of the small children and children, since they often are at your mercy through such scenes.

So I may request that then comes out of the TV devices a diaper of small children, filled with diarrhoea to beat it around the head, mainly to those film makers, television directors, as well as to some party responsibilities. I would also like include into this measure the actors, the stuntmen, the make-up artists and people behind the mixing desks, those had a hand in those scenes or use their capacity to work for it, namely for so long, until all these videos and film strips are collected worldwide.

Perhaps a hidden hand should occasionally come out of the means of communication (hardware) to the one or the other and should give them a clip round the head; e. g. the PC, the Handy and the phone also are apt for that to stop the tittle-tattle.

Should you and other people further demonstrate animals as life partners in your films, especially if dogs are already shown in harmless feature films with a tongue kiss, then should be sent every responsible person, who approves such films, with a bag and a pick-up behind the tree in the evenings, because the TOILET is closed for such responsible people through the cudgel of Empress at which viewers are included, too.

In this way the monopoly position of Empress may look to a part like this, not yet that you and others become unfree but that you and others become free people again, what especially is valid for the population of the USA and all others, who followed this so called freedom.

Please, take care of it that the mentioned measures become no normal cases, but should become exceptions. Further please, inform those responsible ones and the population that all high-rise buildings and skyscrapers should be vacated step by step, major in the earthquake endangered fields, with it the " subconscious" of many the film makers are paid punctually. (*The power should be switched on as lighthouses in empty rooms!)

Perhaps I will send you by e-mail a fitting picture as a confirmation* or it will be sent a confirmation film from colossally sphere* via TV in time, so that you and people of another cultures will know, how our true expectable freedom presumably looks like!

On behalf of

U. Sabisch, Empress

The mentioned measures maybe are only a wishful thinking, but the sweeping leaded cudgel of Empress from the colossally sphere is an absolutely "Must Be" of the final account armed with protective functions for everybody. By the way, the cudgel of course has got the order to control the "general play-stop" worldwide, too.

2010 June 3rd 

There is nothing to add but think of some states and the corresponding documents because time is short, it comes to an end.

2016* March 9th

Documents revised and completed.


The First Fairy Tale is still:

1) Little Table sets … … ….through charity for the starving world and for refugees,

2) Gold-Ass Stretches … … … ….for a fair rearrangement of goods and food as well as refugees through the international community of the earth and through the millonairies and billionaries and more, 

3) and Cudgel out of the bag as an unconditional help of the Monumental Area for heaven as well as on earth.                                                                                                                             ______________________________________________________

The so-called Upper Limit

The so-called upper limit of which one can speak to generally is as follows for every millionaire/ multi-millionaire and for every billionaire/ multi-billionaire:

At the end of the time the measure of all things is the sum of 100.000 kroner = euro (one hundred thousand) for a cosmopolite and a millionaire/ multi-millionaire, billionaire/ multi-billionaire and this is already very generous!    


        Document checked on 26 May 2021.