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The Management

The fat years are over and that affects not only the landlords, but everyone!

Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, Empress, 23564 Luebeck

To the

Heimstaettengesellschaft mbH

Housing Society


P.O. Box .. "Bauhuette"


CO /

Neue Luebecker mbH


Attn. The Management

Luebeck, Sunday, October 17, 2004

Free English translation on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Fat Years / CC To Politics and Business     2018 *

Please, let that German language letter be translated in many commercial languages and be handed over to the right places.

Dear Sirs!

You too will have recognized that the fat years are over and that another wind is pointing the way.  You are directly addressed as cooperatives, societies, associations or whatever type of company you have chosen for your business connections and your business conduct.  In near future there will  put an end to all cheating and every adventage calculation worldwide.

My person has nothing against a fair competition, nothing against a healthy entrepreneurship and also nothing against honestly earned gains, only everything has to be and remain manageable; a venerable foundation must be the basis for every company, whereby this basis must be measurable in the physical strength or mental strength of the individual.

For your branch this means, that the real estate business such as land, houses and rental apartments, is over for any broker. All transactions of this kind, including the entire stock exchange, will not be given a chance for a future.

Each individual will honestly earn his own money every hour and not waste the day speculating in thick leather armchairs behind the desk, which is especially true for people whose enjoyed or preferred a high school diploma, a visit to the technical college or to Universities. These people have been and are falsely impressed that one should create and acquire to a fare-thee-well for oneself through a managerial position or higher service.

This goal has become worth striving for people with intellect and higher spiritual strength, which everyone can clearly recognize  by the most end products and by the today's culture and not only refers to your branche, which wants to distribute as many and expensive or valuable materials as possible on the smallest possible area to achieve the appropriate rental or purchase price.

Even if you look at the population especially at the individuals, who has submitted to this failed goal, you can clearly see that over the years the general public not only has to bear the products of these people, often also their descendants, too, often the early retirement by a corresponding severance pay for the high-income earners * or the costs and nerves of stress-related illnesses of this target group.

Anyone who has joined this goal and thus has the opportunity to effortlessly increase his capital, whereby the banks and financial institutions are particularly responsible for this, can quickly fall from top to bottom. But mostly it is the spouse, especially often it is the wife and mother as well as the family who will sooner or later pay the bill.
Also behind a housing association or society there is a really craftier swindle, which becomes clear when you start to use the slide rule as a tenant, especially when, like myself, for finacial reasons you have to live in a block of houses that has been for over forty years old.

One can only notice that the system behind such a cooperative, such an association or building society, was created on the basis of a vital need of the population, because it is a basic human need, to strive for one`s existence a place to stay at a warm, protected place. If your business with the rental apartments did not concern the vital needs of a person, then your business would not be as safe, not as productive and also not as future-oriented, unless the population declines radically and the private home business increases.

And here we are at the point where a lot will change.

A businessman or building contractor will be permitted to build houses to earn money, taking the word „earn“ literally and not confused with speculating. You are only allowed to build houses that are manageable in terms of price and then lease them, including a parcel of land. This means that every tenant pays an adjusted rent for the house on a monthly basis proportionally to his income, until it is fully paid and he retains the right to live in old age without payment of this type for his life. If the tenant dies, the paid-down or paid-off house passes to his spouse and then to his descendants, usually to the eldest son, but the state reserves the right of ownership, which also applies to the construction and foundation of such a house and has to be procured in advance the funds for the building materials.

No a private company will be allowed to do business in any person's housing needs, including any property or land for other purposes.

Land and all real estate are transferred to the state, which, as a foundation, has to hand over the surpluses generated to the general public by making provisions for future generations without generating any financial gains.
The current property claim will have to be recorded in writing by a retention of title of every person and has to be proven in order to withstand an examination, so that an unjustified claim cannot be made on both sides due to the imminent restructuring.

A tenant will also ask to put down his monthly payments over the years in writing, which the housing societies or private landlords will need to prove. The state power is divided into states, districts and municipalities and so all housing associations, cooperatives and building associations will be bound to the districts and municipalities. The employee pays the entire state workforce through taxes. For this he can and must be able to expect lifelong financial security through his small house and also through his job.

The lease payments and social security must be designed in such a way that no one can be financially blackmailed in future. The employee and the employer pay the church tax and in return they can expect security that will go beyond life.

The tenant receives a parcel of land;  two-thirds of which is to be cultivated with fruit and vegetables, so that additional security is guaranteed for each tenant. If the house is due to be demolished, this task goes to the town planning or a family planning office. The construction of a new house requires a renewed payment to the state, which also has to submit its annual accounts to the central world management.

All building materials, i. e. raw materials that are extracted from the earth, including the forest, are passed on to the state, which is not allowed to enrich itself and is obliged to only give out material,  measured according to need and demand, with extensions and enlagements of the houses remain possible. A house cannot be sold by a tenant because the state is the owner.

When moving house, an exchange transaction should primarily be used, be it from tenant to tenant or from tenant to city administration, as otherwise the lease contributions paid expire and real money has to be paid for a new house.

A housing cooperative, housing society or building association will serve the state and take on all of these tasks, which are divided into countries, districts and cities, so that every billing for every mining of raw materials from the earth or every clearing of the forests will remain verifiable and manageable. For this reason, the state will not be composed of any upstarts in the future, but people will be needed worldwide wh have to meet all the criteria that my person has already set out in writing and is an absolute prerequisite for such a position in the civil service.

The closer a person is to government, the more precisely these criteria must be met. Even a statesman will not be allowed to enrich himself through his office; he will be allowed to lead a slightly higher standard of living, but must also provide a correspondingly appropriate service to the general public.

A true monarch is a person who is allowed to surround oneself with wealth and should or better ought to have more than the monarch consumes or uses.

A clergyman, especially an upper class clergyman, such as a bishop or cardinal, comes very close to a true monarch in this regard, since the true clergyman is responsible for more than just the physical well-being and must ensure a secure future.

This means that the church will be the only institution that is allowed to surround itself with wealth, but the prerequisite for such a status is a clergy that has been tested through the monumentum area, so that wealth is also properly dealt with and if necessary it could be distributed fairly.

Even the actors and top athletes will no longer exist in these dimensions with such top fees, which also lack any justification.
A craftsman or master craftsman can therefore only enrich himself through the labor employed and delivered, but no longer through the accumulated materials. It will be the same with the retailer, who will have to contact the manufacturer directly, so that no middlemen will be allowed.

The wholesale and foreign trade merchants will also have to be integrated into the civil service, where the economist will also have his place, since too much overexploitation has been carried out through the free private trade, so that for this reason, too, everything around the world will eventually become shaky and had to become shaky.

The entire industrialization will first be divided into small or medium-sized enterprises and will have to shift to the craft in the course of the restructuring. So also the shopping chains and supermarkets, which then have to adhere directly to the manufacturer, who has to produce his product with very little artificial energy, such as electricity from the pile or power station, and with very little artificial additives, what especially affects food chain!

Every middleman will have to shift to direct trade, also because the dealer will be liable for his goods and must know which manufacturer or farmer to turn to in case of doubt *. As a housing society, you have a large number of “middlemen” such as your clerks, brokers, real estate experts, caretakers, gardeners, board members, executives and many more.

The tenant has to finance these people for his entire life, even though a long-term tenant has already legally financed at least one, sometimes two or even three rental apartments, but you pocket the money and can added to the tenant then also the renovation or expansion costs through the topped up housing standard by the rent.

Now he may also have to pay for a comfortable apartment, although, to be precise, he had long since paid off the rented apartment for you and covered your expenses, but received and receives the right of abode, whereby you can dictate the amount of the rent.

A "ratepayer" or house buyer brings in an initial capital comparatively first, but the status of the apartment is usually completely different and the money loan usually moves in completely different dimensions, but when moving or selling the house the person has equity, what is assigned to you through a tenancy. Unfortunately, I have to state that this rental system was even supported by the state, also to stimulate the economy.

On the other hand, this system has the advantage that if the state is bankrupt, the houses can still be renovated, restored and maintained, so that the security of the building structure is guaranteed. It would be disastrous if the state were to be responsible for the apartments, but there would be no more money to be found in the government coffers.

If you have a look at Turkey, e. g., the city of Istanbul, you have to be afraid to enter such apartment buildings and you have to ask yourself what would be if there were only a weak earthquake. The consequences would obviously be fatal.
If you look at the luxury buildings that the city of Luebeck affords despite the empty city treasury, then you have to say to yourself,  that the money has to come from somewhere. The next question would then be, why renovations or refurbishments are being made here and there where it is not absolutely necessary.

One should also ask why these cities and municipalities get the loans from the FRG and why the FRG receives credits, when other countries obviously had these funds much more necessary? So it is probably due to the respective status of a state, its former creditworthiness and its reputation, which can have devastating consequences for other states, since the loans can certainly only be granted to a limited extent!

Here too, your Authorities will have to put a stop to it. It will not be those, who have the power to be sponsored, it will be those, who need it most to obtain funds for vital security.

King Juergen will divide and allocate these funds, in other words, the goods and raw materials run centrally through a single bookkeeping system in order to achieve a worldwide overview, whereby in these circles the most reliable and competent people including the clergy are needed, not only having in head, how their own pockets could be filled, but whose have completed their studies or their training for the general public and will bring their professional experience to the right place in order to get something sensible up.

You as societies, cooperatives and landlords will now have to part with the unjustified, accumulated capital; otherwise you will get to know the Cudgel of my person who, in fairness, will hit your desk first. If you then cannot come up with anything sensible, then it would be advisable for you to clear the space for someone who will know the actual goal of his existence and who will also have enough sensible ideas at his disposal.

There are some letters for the restructuring of the residential complexes, whereby the entire labor market will be in demand and, in addition, older housewives, early retirees and pensioners are urgently needed. The entire restructuring of the earth goes hand in hand with contemporary history in connection with the Authorities, for which very old finds or documents should now be available, whereof my person is convinced.

There is work, work and more work to be done.

Since the population is not only in frail health but seems to be very sick and my person is obviously held responsible for it, you and your kind should by now know, who you are dealing with and who the “boss” of me is, you green boys, You!

Please consider where and how the credit ultimately comes from, which, e. g., the FRG regularly receives and when you finally know the answer, then you should turn to the right offices quickly and act accordingly to initiate a start here in Luebeck.

By order, Empress

Time is of the essence, also because 25,000 people die every day, just because in 2004 a redistribution of goods apparently cannot be made possible.

That's why 25,000 people, mostly children, starve to death every day!

By order, Empress

July 30, 2011

Child mortality has increased dramatically at the end of time, which was and is more than just catastrophic or a terrible but preventable drama!

Jan. 2016 / Sept. 2018

My patience is slowly but surely at the end of your kind and your pathological mendacity and acting, but certainly not only mine!