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Indian Childhood

Indian childhood

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Dear Sir or Madam of the UNICEF, Dear Rules, Dear Readers,

As you and others should have noted, the future will not become much better for the children in India, separate rather much worse, because the population figures also increase by the "child mothers" continuously and the increasing environmental disasters will appear, particularly in India by the Monsoon, so that you and other must strike a new path, which deals a lot with an unique fairy tale, what also must be associated with India.

An intervention in the social structures or castes and a rough intervention in the religious affiliation of the population and therefore the ending of the Hinduism of India has become possible inevitably, however, by contemporary witnesses in the matter and by the commission of our Lord and our all Creator, because many or already all cultures of the different races of the humanity must become served by the contemporary witnesses, while these witnesses must inform the population of their respective country of origin about the matter and the commission truthfully.

For a long time my person wanted to be concerning this  on travelling, to arrange contemporary witnesses also by means of their forefathers under a "foreign sky", however, through the increasing danger circles like by new epidemics, the terrorism, earthquakes as well as by cyclones and floods, wars and religious wars, refugees and even more hunger in the world, the probability becomes lower and lower to achieve this important aim in India on site, to confront also the Indian population with the reality and to be able to cause on site a turn of the situation, as long as it is still possible by means of my person.

Too, in India there are already a great many multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires, at what the imbalance begins in the population already with the skin colour of the person and is increased with the child employment, with the gender and with the early marriage promises by the fathers furthermore.

Many problems of the big mass of the population can be solved by finances, while a sensible rearrangement of the means is and will remain unavoidable and now, regrettable more and more new problems will arise by the environmental disasters and epidemics, so that there must be put up some resistance, but there are just moreover still the social and firmly structured difficulties of the Hinduism, which can be solved only by the help from the outside.

Plain language will not be enough, vivid facts will also not be enough probably, however, vivid actions will be enough to be able to bring also an Indian to reason and on the ground of the reality, because at last there is only one single Creation, even if there is more than only one Creator, because a good argument can be made for this, what can be explored in the end time by means of my person, however, there is only one sun, which shines for all living beings and therefore for all people on earth!

With waiting and hoping and playing-act it will not be done!

A fairy tale needs always also heroes and a fairy tale needs always good and bad people, ghosts or fairies, however, a fairy tale needs above all a good end, whilst the justice wins.

It is very sad, if one considers that some people have already got a second or the third life by the death or by an organ of another one at the old age by very cost-luxurious operations and such a boy from India has died for lack of the food and for lack of medicines as a hard worker of a factory.

The people, who have got an extended life by very high costs, are of course now in the duty, also compared with those, which do not belong to the Christianity, because these affected persons have got quite a special connection to the Creation, whereas  also belongs the respective organ donor to a part in that connection.

Some people will have noted this themselves and a lot more people already know that, like the contemporary witnesses of my hometown, especially probably those ones, who have had one or several abortions, however, also probably those parents, who had at least one miscarriage.

Since in India, however, actually all over Asia, the business with the organ transplantation blossoms and flourishes with the abortion of the primary female human life`s, so something might be done under the heaven and under the net of India, if my person should be on site.

In addition to the fact must be made public,, that every single abortion is an especially diabolical misdirection of the person and will have of course also accordingly high consequences!

By reference to the top of the humanity, whereto the true clergy belongs to, one is able to realize well, that there is the "devil" and that he rages for a long time worldwide, to bring down the beauty and the good in the world and to destroy every value, so old-fashioned these interpreted signs will also sound.

Too, India is bound to the Media and become a highly pushed folk, that falls under influence from all sides as well as you have noted at the beginning of your letter by the called advertisement unconsciously.

Thus my person would like to relate the word "Insanity" or “to go insane” with every single abortion and must use and not suppress this expression as a sign for a behaviour of an entire folk!

So stupidly or incredibly a folk cannot really become, nevertheless, can it?

However, it can become and it has been happened stealthily, however, rapidly!

And like stealthily and smartly my person will be positioned against the causer or the devil, while the Media has to change on the side of my person. In this way you're welcome stealthily, however, rapidly!

In plain English this means, that a very well mixed "witch", bounded up with my person, will interfere in every indecent relationship to protect people from the other and to shelter from themselves, while nobody more can be sexually abused by a person.

The shot can backfire probably when the whole “abortion history” does not come to the "shutdown", while the worldwide abortions have to be finished without any exception!

In addition to it comes, that maltreatments are nothing unusual in the prisons in Asia, as everybody knows and homicides will also probably be nothing unusual in the psychiatric hospitals and other state institutions, especially probably also, in order to make profit deals by the dead people and their organs.

End is with such diabolical methods, otherwise the causer will be called to account worldwide!

However, what important is for you as the UNICEF at the moment, these are the human rights of the girls and boys for a worth living future, but in near future the real survival of the children will become superficially there as already obviously, because one disaster after the others will follow and India logically will be particularly hit by the Monsoon.

Since my person will be remain by the already called planning of the trips, at least the entire worldwide abortion and the hunger must be cleared up but for good recognizable reasons the latter of both will become increasingly more difficult!

One must be no " Mr. Einstein" to be able to understand the reality and to be able to state, that we are as  humanity already in the Revelation of St. John and already for many a long years opposition is offered to the coming end!


Ursula Sabisch

HP: My person has considered, why in the brain of every person "supposedly" unused cerebral cells exist many times over.

Only a small "Mr. Einstein" can give the answer!

Sep. 18th 2018/ March 19th 2020